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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Wednesday morning..

Good morning! (for me anyways)

Well I wouldn't say it was that great actually it started off on the wrong foot.

 We slept past my boyfriends alarm for work.. :| worst nightmare! See my boyfriend got a promotion at work a few weeks ago which is awesome! except he has to start work waaaay earlier than usual..like getting up 3 hours earlier than before! He has to wake up at 3:30am to get ready for work. Well technically for him to get 8 hours of sleep he should go to bed at 7:30 lol which is so early to us! We used to go to bed at 10-11pm so its really hard to adjust your sleeping habits by that much.. needless to say we dont go to bed when we should. We usually get the babies down by 9 if we are lucky so he gets 6 ish hours of rest & that makes him very sleepy!! I am also exhausted of course.. having not had a full nights rest in 3 months (terrible sleep in last trimester). SOOO BASICALLY.. we are so tired its so easy to sleep through my damn alarm!!!

So I woke up from Jack waking up & looked at my clock and it was 4:19am.. omg Brandon had to be at work in 11 mins!!! SHIT! I woke Brandon up and i felt sooooo terrible! I always do when we sleep in because of me (Im in control of the alarm clock because Brandons such a deep sleeper) Anywho im sure he got there right around 4:30 lucky the traffic isnt so bad this early.

That was my morning so far.. haha Im going to go take the boys for a walk around 9ish maybe as long as its not raining.. When you live in the Vancouver area.. its so unpredictable! I really should be sleeping right now because the twins are asleep in there bouncy chairs in the living room but im scared when i lay down on the couch they will wake up haha because we have a leather couch and its kinda noisy.. There is music playing off the TV for them to sleep to right now.. Brandon informed me that was the way to get them to go back to sleep in the early morning (I have trouble). So thats what he does on saturday morning when he lets me go back to sleep :) & he watches the twins..He turns on the tunes and the go to sleep and he gets some house work done while I catch an hour or so.. because thats all my sub concious will allow me to take haha.. is it seperation or guilt because brandons doing it alone who knows.. I will get sleep one day!! ONE DAY im really hoping..haha

OK heres a few pics of my boys just some I really like:
James on tummy time around 3 weeks old
James in dark blue, Jack in light blue

Jack on left, James on right with sookie

James going "Booobies.." hah
Ok so babies are stirring so ive got to end this loong blog haah. 
I would love to connect with other bloggers so leave comments and follow me & ill follow you!!! I added my blog to Kellys Korner so hope to find some new blogs

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