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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Saturday's are great :)

Today a friend of ours came over in the morning and we did photos of the boys! I cant wait to see what they look like.. i didnt peak or ask to see any of them because i want it to be like a surprise when they are done :) They did so good for 3 hours! & then they started to get really fussy and the room was pretty warm after a while ( needed to be heated because we did nudie pics of them hehe) Anyways i will post the pics as soon as i get them :)

We also went out to Brandons Opa & grandmas house for them to finally meet the boys! We are going back next week and Brandons dad will also be in town so we are going to get to take a picture of the 4 generations of boys! So cool! The boys are doing so well with car rides! they usually will fall asleep a few minutes into the ride.. farthest drive with the boys so far has been about 40 mins.

I love weekends :) Tomorrow i think me and brandon are going to let his mom babysit for the first time and he may take me to go see the hunger games! I read the books and i cant wait to see the movie, especially because ive heard such good things!

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend aswell!

- Taylor 

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