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Friday, 13 April 2012

Birth story!

So i thought i would write about my boys birthday story, the amazing day they joined us in this world! :)

February 21 2012 was the day i finally got to hear, see, and feel them! I had waited for what felt like forever...but looking back on it time went by so fast! I was 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant and it was the day of my schedualed C-section. My doctor let me know when i first started seeing her that i would not be allowed to go past 38 weeks.. In the ultrasounds leading up to 38 weeks baby A (who we named Jack) was breach and he had been that way for a while.. I prayed every night that he would decide to flip around.. I even did the go on all fours move and maybe that will make him flip NOPE! As i said in another post they saw that his umbilical cord was kind of 'looped' around his neck.. no harm but that it could be whats preventing him from flipping..oh and then there is that other baby.. As weeks past my hope was fading.. I really really did want a vaginal birth so badly it makes me want to cry. I wanted that skin to skin right after birth moment.. with the umbilical cord still attatched and everything. I wanted that accomplishment of birthing 2 babies in a row! I would have given anything to have that.. except the health of my baby boys.. and with jack being breach..C section it was.

So back to the morning of february 21.. alarm goes off at 4:30 am.. not that it matters im awake anyways.. from the anticipation and anxiety of getting cut wide open..the excitement of getting to meet my boys..oh and of course from the terrible heartburn i experienced the last 2 months of pregnancy. We had to be at the hospital for just after 6 am so that left us an hour to shower up and make sure i had everything i needed and we were off! But first i wanted a picture of me at the door on the way out.. the last time my belly would EVER be that huge again..
classy eh..

I have never ever been in the hospital minus the day i was born myself.. so this was a whole new experience for me.. I was nervous about getting an IV for the first time and having to get an epidural in my spine :s. & of course scared about having "major surgery". We got there and checked in and we requested a private room. THANK GOD brandons step dad offered to pay for a private room, I would have died without it!

When they took us to the O.R prep area it was so chaotic! There were nurses and doctors everywhere and a bunch of other patients waiting to go into surgery it was scary! Then when i had to leave brandon to go into the room to get my epidural and be prepped up and it was so hard to not have him beside me for this part.. I HATE NEEDLES they scare me and he gets me through everything! Thankfully i really didnt even feel it.. 10 mins later he was with me again.. but he was having to hold a tray to my mouth as im laying down throwing up ( from the drugs) aha also i was shivering like crazy!! Im pretty sure that was from the other drugs they gave me to calm down the barfing! Anyways then im all numb and they are ready to go.. not to long after that..
8:39 Am Jack Jay Phillips was born weighing 6 pounds 2 ounces!

2 min later 8:41 am James Stephen Phillips was born!! Weighing 5 pounds 14 ounces!

I remember hearing Jack cry but i dont recall hearing James.. im not sure if i was just really out of it or what but the whole first day is pretty fuzzy! Brandon even got to cut the extra part of their umbilical cords off! Then i got to see them all bundled up in their blankets and they were so precious and finally here!! 

They then wheeled me into recovery and i was still shivering like crazy!! I felt so weird.. and to be honest i dont even remember the recovery room! And im pretty sure we were in there for like 2 hours.. I remember being wheeled into my private room though.. and then i remember everyone visiting that day and how over whelming it was.. Just recovering from the surgery and meeting my babies it was alot in one day. That night when everyone left.. poor brandon did everything for me and the babies because i was stuck in bed.. he did so good though! he had to do this for 2 days and nights for me until i was out of bed and able to walk around. The babies had a bit of trouble nursing, they would fall asleep.. or just not stay latched very long so it was a struggle .. also Jack had alot of left over mucus and he spat up alot which was scary! They made us start toping the babies up with formula..which i refused to at first because i have always been SO pro breastfeeding.. i had it set in my head i could and would nurse them exclusively.. But Jack was loosing to much weight.. so now all i thought about was making my baby gain weight so he would be healthy and not have to go to the NICU because they said he may have to if he kept loosing weight.. So i made it my goal that next 24 hours to beef him up! I had to make sure he was eating alot and keeping it down because i dont think i could be strong enough to deal with the NICU ( For those moms who have had to experience the NICU, you are so amazing! Such strong mommies!) They also made jack have several blood tests which i totally balled my eyes out having to see all that blood come out of the little body..

Jack ended up gaining the weight back and we were OKayed to leave the next day! Early afternoon of day 4 we left the hospital and headed off to our new life!! Of course i had to sit in between them in the back seat.. and we soon realized the car we bought for me and the boys (my mommy car) was to small!! haha with 2 carseats you dont realize how much room is taken up.

Well im pretty sure i totally babbled on but thats some of my story..
Also i would like to add the 21 is my lucky number and i did not get to choose the day they were born on. February 21 also happens to be my fathers birthday who passed away 16 years ago..so this day is extra extra special to me :) (L)(L)

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