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Monday, 3 September 2012


I just wanted to say..

I love you James so very much..

& I love you Jack so very much..

You boys are my world.. You're my everything :)

jack & james

-Taylor ♥

Thursday, 30 August 2012

6 Months old

Ok obviously im not cut out for this whole blogging thing yet.. i never blog..:(

But I NEED to update on how my boys are growing up so so fast!

You both are getting closer to 6.5 months now and what i realized the other day is that you are no longer my little babies... youre turning into little boys :( This whole thing just goes by so fast.. even when the days are long, its still so hard to believe your over half way to a year old..

You both are very playful now..
Both of you are really great with your hands and have been for over a month i believe..
You play with both hands, you stick everything in your mouth now..
We just got exersaucers and you both enjoy playing in those and making noise..
When you are on the ground together you will 'talk' and play with eachother..
If one of you has a soother in your mouth the other will grab it right out! hah
You also laugh at each other now.. which is soo cute!
You both have been rolling over on your tummies for well over a month.. 
You guys are eager to move around..
Jack has started doing a bum lift and scoots backwards.. haha

Jack recently you started saying mama :)
And James says Baba!

A quick story.. last night daddy was bathing james and he started saying baba
so daddy said say bath james.. and YOU DID! Multiple times..
Its like you know your in the bath and it was so so cute..
I asked him again today
"say Bath james"
And he clearly says BATH!

You both started solid foods
So far youve had sweet potato, avacado and banana

Sleeping.. Still not sleeping through the night.. at all..
Pretty sure we just went through a 'growth' spurt we were waking up ALOT
That combined with teething!!!
I think we may be in the clear soon.. hopefully those teeth pop through soon!!

You take 3 naps a day usually 40 mins

Not sure how much you weight just yet but its around the 16-17 lb mark for sure
james in stripes

-Taylor ♥

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Grandpa Lovin

My beautiful boys and their grandpa!
Those smiles seriously melt my heart i cannot get enough of this picture!!
July 31 2012

-Taylor ♥

Friday, 13 July 2012


So ive been pretty terrible with updating this blog lately.. i feel i have a legit excuse though.. this last...month or so feel like they have been rough. You were getting so easy  it felt like we had a good routine going i figured you both out pretty good.. And then it just seemed like all of a sudden i was back to waking up quite a few times a night..
You still eat 2 times a night but on top of that you started breaking out of your swaddles.. (YES youre still swaddled..) You both refuse to sleep without them..
So there was a few weeks where i was back to 3 feedings a night because you would not fall back asleep.. I also think you both are starting to TEETH! (may also be a reason for mutiple wake ups) I see a white bud on James' lower gum! Havnt spotted one in Jacks mounth yet.
The weather has also FINALLY been gorgeous! So our apartment has been hot & stuffy some nights.. Weve finally put a fan in the window so that has been cooling the room down alot! (As well as our regular fan we have running)

Your naps have been all over the freakin place.. 30-45 min usually.. RARE times 1.5-2 hour naps! LOOVE those!! hehe. Some times 2 naps a day (Aswell as little naps on our regular walks) & some days it would be 5 naps!! :s  I am not implementing a "schedule" yet.. im not sure when we will all be ready for SET nap times and SET feedings.. 
Its all so new to me.. And i also am not a CIO mom and I feed on demand..when they are hungry which sometimes(rarely) will be 1.5 hour after u just ate 6oz!

You also do this thing sometimes when we wake up in the morning (usually around 6am) & you refuse to eat for like an hour or more sometimes.. even though some mornings that means you go like 5-6 hours from last feed.. idunno.

Weve tried EAT, PLAY, SLEEP... that worked for a while..then when everything went crazy you decided that was not how we were doing it.. Some times its Play eat sleep..

IM thinking in another month or so things may get better and a little easier again.. but who knows!! haha I go on a lot of walks.. to get out of the house and keep sane.. they looove walks.. and are so content as long as we are moving hah.. Walking a lot has really helped me loose some more weight too!!

So i guess this is a random post but Guess what.. YOUR ALMOST 5 MONTHS OLD!!
I missed 4 months post (of course) But i will do 5 months ;)

On 4 months 
Jack you weighed 13.5 pounds!
James 13 pounds!


-Taylor ♥

Friday, 29 June 2012

First road trip!

We are currently on our way up to my brother and fam's new place. It's about 7 hours north of us..
Started with the boys not wanting to eat before we left.. I was hoping they would snooze for a while seeing as how we left around 5 pm and they are usually asleep around 7. Well it's now 9 & they haven't slept much more than 45 mins total so far ooh boy. They didn't nap much today either. I hope they are ok for when we go down for bed eventually.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

3 Months old!!

Wow my boys are 3 months old..
1\4 of a year old.. insane

There has been alot more action this past month with you boys
You are both so aware of your surroundings now
You love to smile at us and talk to us more and more each day

We bought you both activity mats finally.. and you love them!
You are much happier and so is mommy!
Before we only had your rocking chairs with a few toys but you guys got bored of those pretty fast.. Then i would just lay you down and play with toys or sing to you..
Having another "play" item has really helped with the "eat play sleep" routine
This schedule seems to work very well with you both.
You eat and then we "play" for an hour or so..
You usually start to get sleepy an hour to 90 mins after your up

Just this week i have started putting you both in your crib for naps because you started to not nap so well in your swings anymore and it has been working great!


You nap 4-5 times a day for 45-1 hour usually
Night time you both go down around 7:30 avrg time
Most nights you fall right asleep, some nights i still had to go in and give you back soothers or just tuck you a little tighter.
You still wake up 2ish times a night usually..
12-1 am & 3-4 am
Last night you woke at 1:40 and then at 4:40 were fussing so i thought u were hungry but then neither wanted to eat.. so i put u back down and you slept until daddy woke up at 5:45am and he checked and you both were just laying there awake talking...lol!
So i picked you both up and sat you in my double pillow on the bed and you were both so smily and happy!! I cant wait for all mornings to be like this :)
You both didnt want to eat until 6:15am!

(But honestly i still have some pretty rough nights.. the night before this i was up every 2 hours!) hah


During the  day you are eating every 2-3 hours 
usually consuming 4 oz 


You are both batting at your toys and sometimes even get ahold on the stars and hold on for a bit! When i try and give you a toy to hold onto though you wont.. hah

When i read you "Grumpy Bird" You both looove it! You guys pay attention and look at the pictures its awesome.

You guys still dont looove tummy time.. but i still try and do it a couple times a day on the floor.. You do lay on our laps sometimes too.
Jack can lift his head up (not fully up) and keep it up looking around for a bit
Jack also lifts his legs up and almost rolled over..but not yet :)
James.. doesnt do so well with tummy time.. but were getting better ;)

You can both pretty much hold your heads right up when sitting and being held


You both are almost out of all your 0-3 month clothes..which i cannot believe.. i just started putting you in them and were already out..
So youre wearing 3 month clothes & some 3-6 month

I just started you both in size 2 diapers because
#1 you were soaking up your size 1 real fast!
#2 i ran out of size 1 and i had 3 boxes of size 2s.. :) hah
They fit nice though!

I dont know how much you both weight yet..
Im thinking of doing a trip to figure that out soon..

You also both discovered your hand officially this weekend!!
Its so cute you both looove sucking on your fist.. sometimes almost shoving the whole thing in there... haha

Here are some pictures on their 3 month mark

James does not like to sit still..

mmm fist

Once again not sitting still.. Jack smiling :)

Jack (spitting up yes, but so funny!)


-Taylor ♥

Saturday, 19 May 2012


So here are a few pics from the photoshoot a month ago!
The boys are a few days shy of 2 months old in these..
James in front Jack behind

Jack asleep James awake :)

cute foot! couldnt tell you whos...

Mommy & boys :)

-Taylor ♥