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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

3 Months old!!

Wow my boys are 3 months old..
1\4 of a year old.. insane

There has been alot more action this past month with you boys
You are both so aware of your surroundings now
You love to smile at us and talk to us more and more each day

We bought you both activity mats finally.. and you love them!
You are much happier and so is mommy!
Before we only had your rocking chairs with a few toys but you guys got bored of those pretty fast.. Then i would just lay you down and play with toys or sing to you..
Having another "play" item has really helped with the "eat play sleep" routine
This schedule seems to work very well with you both.
You eat and then we "play" for an hour or so..
You usually start to get sleepy an hour to 90 mins after your up

Just this week i have started putting you both in your crib for naps because you started to not nap so well in your swings anymore and it has been working great!


You nap 4-5 times a day for 45-1 hour usually
Night time you both go down around 7:30 avrg time
Most nights you fall right asleep, some nights i still had to go in and give you back soothers or just tuck you a little tighter.
You still wake up 2ish times a night usually..
12-1 am & 3-4 am
Last night you woke at 1:40 and then at 4:40 were fussing so i thought u were hungry but then neither wanted to eat.. so i put u back down and you slept until daddy woke up at 5:45am and he checked and you both were just laying there awake talking...lol!
So i picked you both up and sat you in my double pillow on the bed and you were both so smily and happy!! I cant wait for all mornings to be like this :)
You both didnt want to eat until 6:15am!

(But honestly i still have some pretty rough nights.. the night before this i was up every 2 hours!) hah


During the  day you are eating every 2-3 hours 
usually consuming 4 oz 


You are both batting at your toys and sometimes even get ahold on the stars and hold on for a bit! When i try and give you a toy to hold onto though you wont.. hah

When i read you "Grumpy Bird" You both looove it! You guys pay attention and look at the pictures its awesome.

You guys still dont looove tummy time.. but i still try and do it a couple times a day on the floor.. You do lay on our laps sometimes too.
Jack can lift his head up (not fully up) and keep it up looking around for a bit
Jack also lifts his legs up and almost rolled over..but not yet :)
James.. doesnt do so well with tummy time.. but were getting better ;)

You can both pretty much hold your heads right up when sitting and being held


You both are almost out of all your 0-3 month clothes..which i cannot believe.. i just started putting you in them and were already out..
So youre wearing 3 month clothes & some 3-6 month

I just started you both in size 2 diapers because
#1 you were soaking up your size 1 real fast!
#2 i ran out of size 1 and i had 3 boxes of size 2s.. :) hah
They fit nice though!

I dont know how much you both weight yet..
Im thinking of doing a trip to figure that out soon..

You also both discovered your hand officially this weekend!!
Its so cute you both looove sucking on your fist.. sometimes almost shoving the whole thing in there... haha

Here are some pictures on their 3 month mark

James does not like to sit still..

mmm fist

Once again not sitting still.. Jack smiling :)

Jack (spitting up yes, but so funny!)


-Taylor ♥


  1. They are adorable! It brings me back to when my girls were 3 months and I do not miss those days! Feeding every 2-3 hours, staying up with them all night because they did not like to sleep. AGH! But, they are so right, the older the get, the much easier it gets.

    Be a follower and remember and we are following you :)

  2. They are adorable any new pics