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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

1:45 am

So here I am... Laying awake in bed at 1:45 am waiting for my babies to wake up any minute now... Because they have been asleep in bed since 7:30 bedtime.... But have also not eaten since about 6ish...(didn't want any before bed)... Sometimes they reeaally surprise me.
So why am I laying here awake when they are asleep! I'm so used to them waking up sooner that I always wake up myself unknowingly and can't go back to sleep cuz I know they will most likely wake.. Like I said sometimes they really surprise me.

Ughh sleeeeeeeep!
Well as soon as they wake up I know they are going to be my hangry babies ( so hungry your angry? My bf gets it all the time) they won't like to be changed before food... Lol

Ok so sometimes (rarely) they are sleeping "through the night" (6hour stretch) but when will I!?!?! Haha

Ok seriously they still arnt up!

Here to sleepless nigHts.. Choosing to or not..

***Update.. they slept until 3:20am.. wtf!!! never ever before has this happened!***


  1. I know what you mean. For some reason (I'm guessing because we started solids) Hayes started sleeping through the night over the weekend. He was getting up once or twice a night, every night since he was born. The all of a sudden on Friday night he slept 10 hours then the last 2 nights he has slept 11 hours! I think I am more tired, because I am used to getting up. Now maybe I am getting too much sleep. I am hoping this keeps up though. I was starting to think he would be one of those kids who still woke up to eat at night at a year old. Now lets hope I didn't jinx myself by saying it out loud! haha. Oh I tried to join your site, but I can't find the button to push for the friend connect =(

    1. Yea i rarely get these kind of nights!!! Maybe once a week.. they still get up 2 times most nights. Still young though.. and ive made it this long without sleep.. whats another few months :s haha

      & im not sure why there isnt a follow button...hmm