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Friday, 11 May 2012

SUYL- new mom!

Today i linked up with kelly's Korner!
i know everyone visiting will be from there because i am very new to this blogging world!
I am loving it so much so far though and LOVE LOVE any comments and other bloggers to follow me and i will follow you!!

So the SUYL is for new moms today!! I am a new mom.. a new mom of 2 amazing identical boys!! They will be 3 months old in just over a week now and amaze me everyday! 

This blog is just the beginning of my blogging journey.. i hope to continue doing this for a long while!! Tracking the boys every moments.

I promise to continue to put up lots of posts!
here is 2 cute recent photos of my boys :)

They love to appear "mirror image" in pics hah
Jack & James

2 cute bums on mommas lap!!

I look forward to hearing from and meeting new people!!

-Taylor ♥


  1. Hello! I found your blog of course on Kelly's corner. I am a new mom of twin girls (fraternal) who are 9 months. When they were 3 months, it was a huge challenge. How are things for you?

    Be a follower of preemietwinsandme.blogspot.com and we will follow you!

    1. Hi! Thank you for finding me :) I will follow u aswell
      They are almost at the 3 month mark.. and things are still a work in progress!! hah
      Hardest part right now is the lack of sleep for so many months!
      Aswell as things still seem so repetative.
      I cant wait until we are out of the baby phase but i am also trying to cherish these months that go by so fast!!

  2. Hey! Your boys are such cuties! I can't imagine the identical though... My 7mo old girls are not identical and I was afraid to take their hospital bracelets off!

    It does get easier and they will sleep though the night :) My girls went from sleeping 3-4 hrs to all of the sudden 8-10 hours every night! You will feel like a whole new person when that happens LOL



    1. Hey thanks your girls are so cute to!!!

  3. Coming over from Kelly's blog! Those are the cutest little boys ever!

    1. Your little girls are so precious too!! Congrats!! I will be following your blog for sure. they are so close in age to my boys :) Are your girls identical? they look that way

  4. Hi I of course found your blog from Kelly's Korner. But from the find people locally, or whatever the link-up was. I do also have a son who is 5 months though. I live in Bellingham, WA. I have absolutely no clue how you are doing it with twins. Wow! Anyway I look forward to reading more of your blog.

  5. So adorable! I have a 3 month old, which has given me a LOT of respect for my MIL, who raised twins! Ha!