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Thursday, 30 August 2012

6 Months old

Ok obviously im not cut out for this whole blogging thing yet.. i never blog..:(

But I NEED to update on how my boys are growing up so so fast!

You both are getting closer to 6.5 months now and what i realized the other day is that you are no longer my little babies... youre turning into little boys :( This whole thing just goes by so fast.. even when the days are long, its still so hard to believe your over half way to a year old..

You both are very playful now..
Both of you are really great with your hands and have been for over a month i believe..
You play with both hands, you stick everything in your mouth now..
We just got exersaucers and you both enjoy playing in those and making noise..
When you are on the ground together you will 'talk' and play with eachother..
If one of you has a soother in your mouth the other will grab it right out! hah
You also laugh at each other now.. which is soo cute!
You both have been rolling over on your tummies for well over a month.. 
You guys are eager to move around..
Jack has started doing a bum lift and scoots backwards.. haha

Jack recently you started saying mama :)
And James says Baba!

A quick story.. last night daddy was bathing james and he started saying baba
so daddy said say bath james.. and YOU DID! Multiple times..
Its like you know your in the bath and it was so so cute..
I asked him again today
"say Bath james"
And he clearly says BATH!

You both started solid foods
So far youve had sweet potato, avacado and banana

Sleeping.. Still not sleeping through the night.. at all..
Pretty sure we just went through a 'growth' spurt we were waking up ALOT
That combined with teething!!!
I think we may be in the clear soon.. hopefully those teeth pop through soon!!

You take 3 naps a day usually 40 mins

Not sure how much you weight just yet but its around the 16-17 lb mark for sure
james in stripes

-Taylor ♥

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