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Friday, 13 July 2012


So ive been pretty terrible with updating this blog lately.. i feel i have a legit excuse though.. this last...month or so feel like they have been rough. You were getting so easy  it felt like we had a good routine going i figured you both out pretty good.. And then it just seemed like all of a sudden i was back to waking up quite a few times a night..
You still eat 2 times a night but on top of that you started breaking out of your swaddles.. (YES youre still swaddled..) You both refuse to sleep without them..
So there was a few weeks where i was back to 3 feedings a night because you would not fall back asleep.. I also think you both are starting to TEETH! (may also be a reason for mutiple wake ups) I see a white bud on James' lower gum! Havnt spotted one in Jacks mounth yet.
The weather has also FINALLY been gorgeous! So our apartment has been hot & stuffy some nights.. Weve finally put a fan in the window so that has been cooling the room down alot! (As well as our regular fan we have running)

Your naps have been all over the freakin place.. 30-45 min usually.. RARE times 1.5-2 hour naps! LOOVE those!! hehe. Some times 2 naps a day (Aswell as little naps on our regular walks) & some days it would be 5 naps!! :s  I am not implementing a "schedule" yet.. im not sure when we will all be ready for SET nap times and SET feedings.. 
Its all so new to me.. And i also am not a CIO mom and I feed on demand..when they are hungry which sometimes(rarely) will be 1.5 hour after u just ate 6oz!

You also do this thing sometimes when we wake up in the morning (usually around 6am) & you refuse to eat for like an hour or more sometimes.. even though some mornings that means you go like 5-6 hours from last feed.. idunno.

Weve tried EAT, PLAY, SLEEP... that worked for a while..then when everything went crazy you decided that was not how we were doing it.. Some times its Play eat sleep..

IM thinking in another month or so things may get better and a little easier again.. but who knows!! haha I go on a lot of walks.. to get out of the house and keep sane.. they looove walks.. and are so content as long as we are moving hah.. Walking a lot has really helped me loose some more weight too!!

So i guess this is a random post but Guess what.. YOUR ALMOST 5 MONTHS OLD!!
I missed 4 months post (of course) But i will do 5 months ;)

On 4 months 
Jack you weighed 13.5 pounds!
James 13 pounds!


-Taylor ♥

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