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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

First time out alone

Today was my 6 week check up with my obgyn..first off I can't believe its already 6 weeks today that we had our babies! So I had to bring the babies with me to my doctors and I was all alone.. Brandon was at work so this was going to be my first time doing it all by myself. I started off my day around 4:30Am..because thats when the twins decided they were up for a while.. After their feed I started to organize stuff for the appointment. I had to be there for 11:30. I really am glad I started early because it was very stressful trying to get 2 babies out the door calm!

This is how my day went:

4:30 warm up bottles, change a babe, feed a babe
5:15 change other babe, feed babe
5:45 pack diaper bag, get outfits organized, get receiving blankets rolled up for carseats
6:15 wash bottles & partially get myself ready
7:00 change babe, feed babe, burp babe
7:30 change other babe, feed babe, burp babe
8:15 Pump for trip incase they get hungry
8:30 some how finish getting myself ready while keeping babies content
9:00 change babe, feed babe, burp babe
9:45 change other babe, feed babe, burp babe
10:20 change outfits and bibs (from night time) get in carseat and ready to go
10:45 out the door

WHEW.. They did good on the ride there.. got a little fussy as I struggle to get them on the stroller & try not to get rain in their faces..
Cried a little bit in the doctors office while waiting to be seen.. but the sookie always calms you down for a little bit..

On the ride home Jack was a little bit fussy and then when I pulled up to home, they were both very upset! haha It was feeding time by now and they were done with being strapped in for 2 hours!

Fed them both around 12:45 pm and finally got them both asleep at 2:45 so I could wash bottles again!!

Over all I dont think I will do a trip like that again by myself for at least another month or 2!! I will stick to walks near the house for now.

Well one of the babies will be waking up any moment im sure!

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